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Trending hot products to sell in 2020 Mini-Importation


No matter the number of businesses that you have done as an Entrepreneur, launching a hot product to sell has been one of the most daunting tasks that one can indulge in. 2020 came with a lot of uncertainty that highly redistributed wealth among global citizens. Billionaires that deal with daily consumable goods became richer. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon had his assert almost doubled the coronavirus lockdown. Elon Musk, the founder of Telsa motor and SpaceX topped the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

The trend continued in such a manner.  The consequent analysis showed that companies that offered unavoidable commodities by people were favored by the lockdown. People could not go out to get they need and as such stuck to online shopping.

Moreso; the lockdown left only the citizens in the health and specials sectors to go out. The rest of the global population was indoor bound. This militated in people spending more from their savings. To find hot trending products to sell online in 2020 became harder. A quick look in the online trend in 2020 shows below:

  • Products and product niches are saturated.
  • Customers demand convenience more than ever.
  • Competition is very fierce
  • The purchase rate drastically reduced.

Determining the hot products to sell will determine the end results. The hot products to sell will determine the website of the business, branding, branding, marketing strategy, etc.

About Fiatlogistics

Fiatlogistics is a China procurement and shipping company based in Lagos state Nigeria. We help people to buy from any Chinese websites like 1688, Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc. Mini-Importation is a millionaire making business. I am very sure that you have heard of mini-Importation and/or Fiatlogistics before. However, you can read the A-Z of mini-Importation to start importing from China to Nigeria. Importing products from China to Nigeria is as easy as it is written in the post above. Fiatlogistics takes the stress of importation from you. We will help to negotiate with the sellers, buy and ship to any state in Nigeria.

First and foremost; I must be glad to remind you that this is Nigeria. Contents that fly around the internet as the trending products online are products that might not see the light of the day in Nigeria. This is not unconnected with the cultural and societal orientation which is peculiar to the good people of Nigeria.

Jumpseller lists pet products as the number one hot product to sell in 2020. This claim is relatively disputable. Pets are highly valued in the western world albeit not being given attention in Africa. This is one of the few reasons why it will be practically hard for Nigerians to have their judgment made on the basis of product spying software like Ecomhunt.

Suffice to say that, Fiatlogistics have an online store where we test various products. We have also monitored the trend of the products that our esteemed bring in from China to Nigeria.

We have noted that people now need items that are invaluable in their daily lives. Our products in the fashion category sell faster than our products in the other category. This is not unconnected to the fact that people need to go out, go to work with clothes and shoes on.

Here are hot products to sell 

Weightloss products

The coronavirus lockdown made a greater percentage of the world was locked down. The stay at home order made so many people gain excessive weight because of their reduced activities. Weightloss products became very necessary in order to return back to their normal shape. A random search on Instagram shows that they are many weight loss accounts that are doing comparatively very well.

One of the popular Instagram accounts that sell a weight loss product is Sarashapewaers. The type of shape keeping cover that they sell is surely a hot product to sell in 2020. This is really highly patronized among the ladies and women in their middle age.

This is not the only hot products to sell in the weight loss category. Weight loss products have a variety. They are vibration machines that use mechanical means to reduce weight. A random search in 1688 shows multiple weight loss products.

Some of the hot products to sell under weightloss are

Weight loss Tea (Buy weight loss tea in 1688, Click Here)

Many people do not know that herbal weight loss tea and slim tea that people use in Nigeria are produced in China. A click in the link above reveals many different types of hot products to sell in the tea and weight loss niche.

Weight Loss Magnet (Buy Weight loss magnet in 1688, Click Here)

Weight loss items do not only come in the form of teas, but they are also other forms that weight loss can be achieved without the oral administration. The Weight loss magnet and earring are such ways. You can click the link above to have an idea of the content in this category.

Varicose Vein Remover (Buy Varicose vein-Stretch mark remover)

This is not per se a weight-loss item. This is a beauty product but can be included in the list of hot products to sell under weight loss. The varicose vein is commonly known as a stretch mark. These are veins that come out from the body of an adult usually female. Creams that can remove these veins are ridiculously cheaply priced in China. However, these creams are sold at high pricing in Nigeria. The high demand for this product is the reason included in the list of hot products to sell.

Romantic Items

It is unarguable fact that the end of the year usually comes with a lot of celebrations. The prefacing celebration in this season is wedding and engagement. Engagement and wedding come with a lot of gifts both from the partners involved in the ceremony and their friends and relatives. Importing romantic gifts for couples and friends will not be a bad idea.

This is also the best time to use the customization feature of our company. Customization is the process of writing name, logo, and other required designs in a product. This means that the picture, address, and date of the wedding ceremony can put in a particular product right from the company that is producing it in China. products to sell in 2020 products to sell in 2020.

Esquire magazine compiled the list of romantic products that one can buy. This implies the hot products one can sell as well. The list they compiled is very expensive for beginners. However, it gives an idea of romantic hot products to sell in 2020. Like we wrote in the post; A-Z of Mini-Importation, all you have to do is to copy the product image, search for the image in 1688. By doing this, you will get the same product at really cheap rate.; American dream is made in China after all.

Fiatlogistics will require that you provide the product link, the color, the quantity and other variation. We will help to buy the item from the China suppliers and ship to the nearest motor park in Nigeria.

Some of the prdoucts to sell in romantic niche that are listed in 16888 includes

Romantic Gifts (Buy romantic gifts from 1688-Click Here)

Wedding Rings (Buy romantic wedding rings from 1688-Click Here)

Wedding Souvenir (Buy wedding souvenirs from 1688-Click Here)

1st October is Independence

Despite the situation in the country, we are sure going to celebrate the day that we were emancipated from the Brits. About 3 people have placed customization orders for the independence day celebration.

The hot products to sell during the independence day celebration fall mainly under the customization category. You have to write the name Nigeria and/or the Nigerian flag in the said item in order to make celebration worthy.

Customiation like we explained above entials that one writes their details in the product. This is done right from the China factory here in China.

Some of the hot products to sell during independence

Rubber band (Customize wristband from China-Click Here)

This is what we know as bangle or wrist band. Someone have already bought 2000 pieces of rubber band with the Nigerian flag and Nigeria at 60 written on it. This customization and shipping is estimated to be below #45,000 with shipping inclusive. Normally, wrist band like this is sold 200 in Nigeria. This estimates the profit to be on abnormal scale if the math is done.

Face cap (Customize Face Cap from 1688-Click Here)

In addition, this is another hot product to sell under the independence customization category. Embeding the name, and Nigerian flag in face caps is a sure sale in this independence celebration.

Literary, anyhing can be customised from China for the independence day celebration. Know the products that you can sell, make the market research, then chat us on WhatsApp for more help on the importation and customization of the item.

Beauty Products

This has been touched under the weight loss products to sell in 2020. They are thousand and one beauty products that one can sell in 2020. These beauty products varies depending on the location of the seller. Moreso, the age range that the seller deals with is another determiant factor.

Some of the hot products to sell in beauty

Beared oil (Buy beard oil from 1688, Click Here)

Drying Lotion ( Buy Drying lotion from 1688-Click Here)

Nailpolish (Buy nailpolish in 1688-Click Here)

Make-up Brush (Buy Make-up from 1688-Click Here)

Make-up Powder (Buy make-up brush from 1688-Click Here)

Perfumes (Buy cheap designer perfumes in 1688-Click Here)

Car Accessories

First and foremost,a teacher’s friend asked the school fees in the school she teaches. She replied that the school fees per term is #1,500,000. The friend replied that her saying that the school is not popular in Lagos. The teacher said that the school is popular only that it is not popular among the poor.

That is the point. That you don’t see people using it in the neighbourhood does not mean that it is not popular.

So far, one of the hot products to sell in 2020 is Car Accessories!

Getting one hot products to sell in Car Accessories backed with the adequate and well paid facebook ad might all that one might need to make #12,000,000 in a year. I am not quoting from google. I am writing from the personal real life experience that we have had.

Hot products to sell in Car Accessories

Electronic Car Tyre Pump (Buy electronic Car Tyre pump in 1688-Click Here);  This helps to pump and gauge tyres on the go. It is so far one of the hot products to sell in car niche.

Car tracker (Buy car tracker from 1688-Click Here); This is in your neighborhood i guess. Little did you that the cost of Car tracker is below #7000 in China.

Car Phone Mount/Phone Holder (Buy Phone Holder in 1688-Click Here)Some of these phone mounts also double as car tracker.They have this built in Car tracker in some of them as well.

Car rear-view Camera (Buy Car rear-view cameras in 1688-Click Here); This product is popular for the purpose it was made. It is also very popular because women have grown to mount the camera secretly in their husband’s cars.

Phone Accessories

Literally, 70% of people above 20 years have phone in Nigeria. This means that phone gadgets is a hot product that one can go into. The most popular phone accessories that one can import includes:


Sports watches


Cases for new phones; If you give us the dimension of a new phone alongside the location of the ports, we will take it to the factory that will produce it. We will make sure that we ship it down to you before the case becomes popular in Nigeria.

iPhone batteries


This article will be incomplete if I did not include fashion in the list of hot products to sell in 2020. Any wearable item can be defined as fashion. This can be shoes, Clothes,Sunglasses etc.

This is very broad to discuss. However, I assure you of good success in this niche. No matter the niche that one choose to go into in the fashion niche, there is ready market to exploit here.

Some of the hot products to sell in Fashion niche includes

Sneakers (Buy sneakers in 1688-Click Here)

Jean (Buy jean in 1688-Click Here)

Suite (Buy suites in 1688-Click Here)

Leather shoe (Buy leather shoe in 1688-Click Here)

Flip flops (Buy flip flops in 1688-Click Here)

Ladies gown (Buy gown in 1688-Click Here)

T shirt (Buy T-shirt in 1688-Click Here)



They are many hot products to sell in 2020 to rake in millions. However, One of the driving factor is the audience that is around you and the passion for the niche. A sports lover can import products related to sports.

Someone that is living in the rich neighbourhood can import goods in the Car Acessories niche.

While i cannot lay claims to have exhausted the hot products to sell in this short article,it should be noted that the niches published here have been well researched to meet the quality of being included in the hot products to sell.

1688 is the unarguably the cheapest website to buy from in China. Even sellers in other websites within China procure their inventory from 1688.

This website however comes with some restrictions. The restrictions includes that

It does not accept international payments.

Sellers in 1688 are licensed to sell goods only in China.

Sellers do not understand foreign language.

These restrictions and more are what you will bridge when you use Fiatlogistics. Fiatlogistics is a China procurement and shipping company that serves the Nigerians community. The headquarter is in Yiwu, China with warehouse in Agege, Lagos State. We promise to offer the cheapest shipping and dedicated service from China to Nigeria. Kindly contact us through our WhatsApp chat icon for more inquiries.


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