Welcome to Fiatlogistics, the number one China procurement and shipping company in Nigeria

Fiatlogistics is the number one China procurement and shipping company. We help individuals and businesses to buy from China and ship to Nigeria. We will help to pay your suppliers. If you choose to buy the goods yourself, we will ship the goods to Nigeria and help to clear them. You relax while we take all the rigors involved in china Importation off your shoulder.

We will buy from factory websites like 1688, Taobao, Alibaba, Tmall, Made-in-china, Banggood, wombei, etc package the goods, consolidate the goods; and ship the goods to Nigeria. We will clear the goods with Nigerian customs. We will deliver the goods to our Lagos Warehouse where you pick up the item. If you don’t stay in Lagos, we will package the goods and forward them to the nearest motor park. This attracts an additional token fee, don’t worry, it is not going to be outrageous.

How fiatlogistics.comChina  procurement and shipping works

We render the following services

China Procurement: We will help you to buy from any Chinese websites like,,,, etc. We will charge as low as 7% percent on china procurement. What we do it that we help you to chat with the seller, reach an agreement on your behalf, and make a purchase for you. We will pay the seller in Chinese currency (RMB) while you pay us in Nigerian Naira (NGN). When the goods arrive at our China warehouse, our team of experts will inspect the goods to make sure that it meets the specification that the seller gave to us. If there is any mistake in the item, we will contact the seller to send another one or refund us. We do all these within the space of 3 to 5 days.

If you bought from multiple links, we will package them together to remove unnecessary content and reduce the weight of the item. We will use our carton to repackage the goods that you have bought and seal it in the carton. We will do this for free.

Shipping: Our hardworking staff will notify you of the arrival of the goods in our warehouse, you will pay according to the weight of the item, and we ship to you. Maybe you bought the goods yourself from English websites like Alibaba, Banggood, or made-in-china or AliExpress, we will still ship goods to you.

All you to do is to use us as your product forwarder. To do this, you will need to put our China warehouse address as the address of your forwarder. In addition to that, you will also be recommended that you put your WhatsApp number and name on the parcel. Once the goods arrive, we will check the weight while you make payment for shipping according to the weight of the item. We will deliver the goods to our Lagos office where you come to pick it up. If you don’t stay in Lagos, we will contact you to deliver it by express or to the nearest motor park for a fee. Don’t worry, shipping within Nigeria won’t break your bank. operation method

We receive all payments in Naira into our local bank account, then we will process the transaction in the currency of your supplier in China.


Customization: We will help to write your name, phone number, business address, carton, and every other detail that you may desire in a product(s). The minimum product order for this type of service is 100 units, it also incurs an additional charge.

What we do is that when you contact us for a customization request. We will require your product name, image, or idea of what you want to customize. For example, if you want to customize wigs, we will need the link of the said item or the image. Then you will be required to make a serious and non-refundable deposit of #10,000 into our Nigerian Bank Account.

Once payment is confirmed, our ever industrious staff will take the product image alongside the details that you wish to put in the product from you. They will contact the company that will produce the said item in China, we will negotiate on your behalf. Then, make a deposit payment to the company, it will take the company 7 to 14 days to get the custom made goods ready. We will contact you for the delivery sequel to paying for shipping.

Note that the #10,000 above can only be refunded if the company is charging above the quotation that our china procurement department gave to you. Known brands cannot be customized. Only OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturers)-this means that the product is original but have not been branded or trademarked. The products can therefore beer your desired name without legal implication. Many products that are used in Nigeria including many popular phones, popular vehicles, fans, hot plates, pressing Iron are OEM. They don’t have a company in China but through this strategy, they shop for their products in Chinese showrooms. Even if you are not customizing for commercial purposes, you can customize for occasions. The occassions might be wedding, funeral, birthday, end of the year party, souvenirs, etc. Contact us on WhatsApp to see how we can help to actualize this.

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