Do you know that with Fiatlogistics, you can get a top-notch souvenir customized from the industry right here in china? Customization is the means of asking product producers to write your name, number, address, websites, business, incorporation, and other details that you may desire in particular goods. For example, through Fiatlogistics, you can ask that a particular product say wristwatch be designed with the face of your baby, the wedding picture of the couple that is about to wed right into the wristwatch. The wristwatch and the carton and all the content will have the desired information like the date of the wedding, the address, the logo, etc. This way, you will have industry-grade color, and all the quality embedded in the product.

Fiatlogistics is a company registered in Nigeria as FIATLOGISTICS EXPRESS SERVICE with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The company (Fiatlogistics) specializes in providing procurement and shipping services to importers from China to Nigeria. We have our headquarters in Yiwu in china and Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria. We operated under the name Ab logistics from 2017 to 2020 when we wanted to be more formal with our business, thus the reason for a name change. Under this former name of ours, we have helped many people customize souvenir goods for their events and that of their well-thought friends. While we cannot provide portfolios of such customization because of the privacy of those individuals, we have case studies that we can provide for serious individuals.

The customization of goods starts from 100 pieces up. It also incurs an additional one-week duration for the goods to be ready. Anything at all can be customized. Phones, clothes, wristwatches, shoes, bags, Laptops, Fans, Irons, etc. If you wish to have your own brand or want a special souvenir for political campaign, wedding, funerals, birthdays, we have got you covered. All you have to do is to contact us and discuss the project with us. Customization comes with extra charge in addition to the product charge.

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