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A-Z of mini Importation; How to buy from china and ship to your doorstep in Nigeria


This post is meant to explain the very basic aspect of Mini Importation. This post is going to work you through all that will be needed to start china mini-Importation. Unlike before now that buying from China and shipping to Nigeria was rocket science meant only for the rich can indulge in, mini-importation, or perhaps mini-Importation has been made easy with the help of technology and the introduction of China procurement and shipping company like (formerly Ab Logistics).

First of all; is a company registered with the corporate affairs commission under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to undertake the task of procurement and shipping from China to Nigeria. The warehouse is located in the Agege area of Lagos State and delivers to its customers anywhere in Nigeria. This means that even if you don’t stay in Lagos or have someone to pick up your items when they arrive at our Lagos warehouse, we will still waybill the item to you at a relatively cheap rate. This simply removes the notion that only those that stay in Lagos State or have someone that can help them to pick the item are the ones that can do mini-importation. No matter where you live in Nigeria or serving if you are NYSC, we will deliver that address for you.

Therefore, let us go into mini-Importation is proper!

Mini-Importation is a term used to define the art of buying goods in a relatively small from one country and selling in another country. So when one buys from Ghana and sells in Nigeria at a small quantity, such person is a mini importer. When one buys from America or Turkey or Vietnam or China and sells in Nigeria, such a person is a mini Importer.

While there is no proper way to distinguish between mini-Importation and Importation, it should be noted that mini-Importation usually involves smaller parcels ranging from less than a container to parcels below 5kg and shipped by air to their home country. Countries that Nigerians and many other African countries do import from include but are not limited to China, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Turkey, etc. However, like they use to say ‘American dreams are made in China’, we are going to talk about China Mini-Importation.

Capital Requirements for Mini-Importation

The capital cost of importing from China is not too big as someone can start mini Importation with as little as #10,000. They are many products that can be imported at this price and used solely for commercial purposes.

A-Z of Mini-Importation business in Nigeria
A-Z of Mini-Importation business in Nigeria
This hair growth oil is only but 1.79 RMB (#125) at the official procurement rate. The cost of this oil is #5,000 in Nigeria. This shows that Mini-Importation is not a business that only Millionaires can do. One can start mini Importation with as little as #10,000.

This Mini-Importation business does not select gender, age, sex, profession, or social status. Undergraduates of a tertiary institution, NYSC members, graduates, job seekers, Pensioners, Retired but not tired individuals, stay at home mum or Dad, someone that is working in a mega-company, etc. They all can indulge in the Mini-Importation business. The idea is to bring in what people around are ready to pay at a price they will be glad to pay for it.

Websites to from for mini-Importation

They are many eCommerce websites in China that one can wish to buy from. They include but are not limited to


The list is endless.

They are millions of them that one can buy from. However, for our good and safety and safety of our money, we will handpick from those that are best for business and financial security. The good news about them is that the ones I will select and treat here are the cheapest among them and have the highest stock-keeping unit (SKU).

Key Mini-Importation Terminologies

  • Business to Business (B2B)

This is the type of eCommerce system that sells to fellow businesses and not directly to the final consumer. They are characterized by a limitation of the minimum quantity one can buy for each inventory (goods) Examples:,,,, etc.

  • Business to Customers (B2C)

This type of eCommerce system is the one that sells the final consumer of the commodity. their prices are also higher than wholesale stores. They are online retail stores and do not have a minimum purchase limit. Examples:,,, ,,,, etc.

  • Customer to Customer (C2C)

This is a type of eCommerce business where customers sell to customers and as such called a free classified ad website. This type of website usually has a decentralized service structure. Examples:,,,,,,, etc.

With these being explained, it is worthy of note that we do not deal with retail purchases and as such does not support orders that are below #10,000 or 150 RMB. To buy from, all you have to do is to register a free account, chat with the seller, pay with your credit card, and ship to our China warehouse whence we can bring down to Nigeria for you.

Furthermore, We do not accept links from Alibaba. Alibaba does not list the real price. The seller lists demo price We accept orders from,,, etc and other websites that are listed in Chinese. However, we will advise that you take 1688 as the best and cheapest place to shop from owning to it’s high SKU, lowest pricing, direct factory sellers, etc. However, If you stumble upon what you want to buy on other websites, we will still do procure and ship for you.

Shopping 1688

The strategy that I am going to enumerate here is typical of every other Chinese website that is Mini Importer’s shop. They are three ways of shopping in 1688, they include:

  • Through the use of Mobile Phone/Tablet
  • By the use of 1688 app on mobile phone or Tablet
  • The use of Desktop/Laptop

To shop in 1688 using a mobile phone, visit with your phone. Then search for the item that you want to buy, copy the link out and save it on your phone note. Make the sizes, color selection, and other varieties that will suit your purchasing requirements, keep it. Make a search for other products that you want to buy if you desire, compile the list in one place and send it to us on WhatsApp. The customer care will reply within 6 hours, working day, or holiday.

For clarity, this is how to arrange links that you send to us.

With Fiatlogistics, you will be able to pay for the cost of your items in naira and through Bank transfer. You don’t need to have an activated credit card or whatever, both payment for goods. Furthermore, FIATLOGISTICS EXPRESS SERVICE receives all payments in naira. Fiatlogistics operates one bank. We will NEVER ask someone to receive money on our behalf. To do business with us, contact us through our WhatsApp number (08126113485).

Shopping 1688 through 1688 app

Before I go ahead to treat this part, it is worth warning that the 1688 app is not on google PlayStore or iOS store. Any app in there claiming to be 1688 is not it, deceptive, and might steal your credit card information. This is why it is advisable you don’t download the so-called Australian version or the English version. Taobao and Alibaba and AliExpress is on playstore, so you can download those ones on the Playstore.

To download the main 1688 app. kindly go to the website on your mobile, you will see a link that is above website, click it, follow the installation guide to install and activate.


Now, that the app has been installed, the next step is to search for products that you want to buy. Usually, the 1688 app is essentially useful for image searching. So, if you saw what you want to import but does not know the name or idea. You can take the image and search the app to identify the product details. This feature is also available on the desktop version of the website.

A-Z of Mini-Importation business in Nigeria
A-Z of Mini-Importation business in Nigeria
Click the camera icon on the arrow, follow the procedures that follow to select the image of the product that you want to search.

Note: You don’t need to have an account with 1688, Taobao, Tmall, or Alipay to buy from them through us. You should be able to copy the product link and send it to us. We will do the rest of the deal starting from giving you the product cost in naira, chatting with the seller to know whether it is available or not, buying and paying in Chinese currency, shipping to Nigeria, clearing it with the Nigerian customs, sending the goods to your location, etc. We will take the stress off your shoulder while you relax to make sales and en mass wealth.

The next step that might be very confusing for a beginner is how to copy links from the 1688 app because this app does not translate to English the chrome browser does for us when searching for a product with it. Copy the link through the share button in the app. Look at the image below.


How to Shop 1688 using a laptop-mini-Importation

To shop in 1688 using a laptop or desktop is relatively easier and self-explanatory. Visit the website,, the camera icon is already available on the search bar of the website. Click to enter the image or enter to search what you wish to buy. This is just how to search for 1688 using the three platforms. Moreso; other Chinese websites are searched similarly. There is no rocket science about it.

Once we receive the links, we will process the product links. We will give you back the quotation in naira. You will pay into our naira account by transfer or deposit or POS. We will begin to work on it once payment is received. Usually, it will take 3 to 5 days to receive the items from suppliers into our warehouse. Then, you will pay for the shipping of the item. This is the last payment that is going to be made for the mini-importation. we will charge 7% on procurement, that is to say, that 7% of the product cost is the only thing we will charge. To see our shipping rate, go the Fiat rate.

The Product cost + National shipping + procurement charge + International shipping are the 4 payment methods made in Mini-Importation

Product cost: This is what the item you are buying costs on the website listed. It is the basic charge for the item.

National shipping: This the payment for the cost of shipping the items from the production company to the warehouse. This fee is not a big deal unless one is buying from many links. If for example, the product costs around 10 RMB, but the importer is buying only two of the product. The fee becomes a huge cost but if they are buying from 10 pieces up, then it will be unnoticeable.

Procurement charge: This is the fee you pay for us helping to procure for you. We charge 7% at the time of making this post. With this fee, we make sure that you receive exactly what you ordered. If you bought from multiple links, we will pack them together in one carton. We will remove unnecessary parts of the shipment to reduce the weight, seal, and write your details in it.

Even if you are buying it yourself, you will still have to pay for the credit card fee on Alibaba. To buy from other websites like 1688, you will need to have an Alipay account. While this is possible from Nigeria, money might be lost. Moreso, the supplier might ship wrong item. The reason is that the item is shipped as received since no one knows what you ordered for. Before it gets down to Nigeria and clearing the item, it might be hard to ask for a refund.

International shipping: This is the cost of shipping the product from China to Nigeria. You can our rate on Fiat Rate.

The product cost is the main issue. If the products aren’t heavy, then the other three fees of procurement, shipping, and international shipping should not be more than 35% of the product cost. This is not a guarantee in any way but from experience.

Important Terminologies to know

MOQ: MOQ stands for minimum order quantity. This is the list quantity the seller will agree to sell. If the MOQ of a product is two pieces, it means that the seller will not be ready to sell 1. If the MOQ of a product is 50pieces, it means that the seller will not be ready to sell 49. The MOQ is located below product pricing.

A-Z of Mini-Importation business in Nigeria
A-Z of Mini-Importation business in Nigeria
The MOQ of this face mask is 10. This means that this factory will not accept to sell 9 pieces. Take note of this when sending product links to us.

Product Customization and OEM

China produces 90% of all the products in Nigeria. Nigerians imports these products from China.  China produces Telsa Motors and iPhone as well. Furthermore; Our weight loss pills, our weight-loss teas, our sex enhancement pills are majorly Chinese supplements. China produces most of the supplements used in Nigeria. Products like Tecno, Infinix OEM.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturers. This means that that the product is original but does not have a brand name. Therefore, wealthy individuals can come and put their name to the product. This explains why many vehicles in Nigeria have different names but the same models and designs. This brings us to product customization.

Product customization is a means of putting your own name on a product. The China factory requires that you provide for them, the desired package, the name, the phone number, and the address. You customize anything at all, be it cars, motorcycles, phones, wristwatches, clothes, etc.

You can request to customize gifts for weddings, birthday, funeral from the organizations that you belong to. For instance, if one wishes to customize a wall clock for a wedding event right from china so that the carton will bear the details. The details may include names and pictures of the couples, their wedding date, their wedding address, and every other information and also getting these embedded inside the clock.  All you have to do is to contact our customer support and request for direct factory customization of OEM items for an event. The minimum requirement for customization is 100 units of the product. Customization incurs extra charge and takes a longer time.

The necessary information needed to start a min-Importation business has treated. Contact our support on WhatsApp through 08126113485.

Mini-Importation is not a get rich quick scheme. It might take a while to establish as a business but once established, it is a constant income stream. We have tons of customers that are doing more than #500,000 monthly in profit. But this was because of their hard work and experience. Min-Importation business requires little income. What do you think about this article? Did I miss any point or forgot to add any information? Tell us in the comment section of the post.

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  1. I would love to use your company as partner in progress on mini importation. I believe I won’t be disappointed because I had bad experience with a shipping & procurement company I. Lagos.

    1. Yes Peter, we will not disappoint you in anyway. We handle bulk orders for partners as well. We mean business and does not joke with it in anyway.

  2. My first time trying you guys and I most say I am highly disappointed slow services poor customer care services.
    Its takes them 24 hours to reply a message. Who ever is handling the WhatsApp line is never online, he comes online maybe once or twice a day and stays for like 1-minute.
    Sent links over 3days ago no response, and when I asked for my quotation, he responded with “oh I forgot to forward it to the purchasing department”
    Very poor service, unserious staffs
    I haven’t even used them am already disappointed.☹

    1. I am really so sorry about it. It might have been caused by the Chinese holiday which started same two days ago. We work in line with the Chinese calender. We however, will begin to accept orders from today. Processing of the orders is however going to take effect from the 8th October, 2020 when the Chinese holiday will stop. So sorry for the delay!

  3. I thank God for eventuality of locating this outfit.
    Please can I come to your office for assistance on how set up account with your organization.
    I am a new starter of mini importation.

    1. Thank you so much Kayode, you always visit our Agege Office anytime from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. However, to use our platform, you will have to send us your links on WhatsApp, we will prepare the order and give you a free quote on the purchase. You will make payment in naira while we pay your supplier in RMB.

  4. Good afternoon sir/ma,I read and understand the introduction part of your business.i need to come and see your Warehouse because I still need some explanation

  5. Very helpful thank u very much. Am a starter, hv Bn searching online before I finally found U and I feel a little at peace with the details I hv read so far. Pls am starting small and hope not to be disappointed as it will affect me financially. Hope u understand.

  6. Good evening sir or ma.
    I clicked on “Our story” but it wouldn’t open. I also clicked on “the fiat rate” and it didn’t open too. Pls how will I kn the rate. Thank you

  7. You aren’t active on WhatsApp, sometimes u go AWOL for a week, and there’s no other way of reaching out to u guys… This is really bad.
    Maybe get an extra person or something.

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